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Fumari 'Red Gummi Bear' Flavor Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review

Our Comments
FUMARI 'RED GUMMI BEAR' FLAVOR HOOKAH SHISHA TOBACCO***  Ok, we had a couple of our reviewers wanting to do this one so I've stacked the comments from Chops and Katelyn on top of one another.  Enjoy!  ***


Back story: Working at Sukit Hookah, I have an enormous opportunity to try all different flavors of shisha every shift I work. We dominantly carried Starbuzz for our customers to smoke, but once Fumari came into the picture, our customer base expanded rapidly; people couldn't get enough of Fumari's unique flavors and thick smoke clouds. Among all of their amazing flavors, Fumari's White Gummi Bear was, and still is, a HUGE crowd pleaser. Its accurately delicious flavor kept everyone coming back for more. After smoking White Gummi Bear for a while, the employees and regular customers all had the same idea: what flavor could I mix with White Gummi Bear to make it even better? We've tried a variety of flavors mixed with White Gummi Bear, like Fumari's Mandarin Zest, Strawberry and Starbuzz's Blue Mist, all more delicious than the next.

When I came up to Sukit to do the Red Gummi Bear review, I was lucky enough to see a friend who was smoking a Strawberry & White Gummi Bear mix. This gave me ample opportunity to compare the differences in flavors, since I expected Red Gummi Bear to taste very similarly to my friend's mix. 

The aroma was sweet, and it felt like I had opened a bag of gummy bears instead of a bag of shisha. The cut of the tobacco was just like all other Fumari shisha, very fine and extremely juicy. Happily, Fumari's Red Gummi Bear exceeded my expectations. Obviously, the "gummy bear" taste was still present, but with an added twist of a bold cherry flavor. After my friend and I traded hoses to try each other's flavors, it was obvious to us which one was the better flavor. The thick smoke clouds and sweet cherry gummy bear flavor had us hooked and smoking for a couple hours. It takes a lot for me to get a buzz from smoking hookah anymore, so the buzz I got from Red Gummi Bear was about the same as I get from any other Fumari flavor -- faint, but present. 

I look forward to carrying this flavor in our store, because I know all of our customers will be dying to try it. Red Gummi Bear is an amazing flavor, and I can't wait to see what new and delicious ideas Fumari will come up with next. --Katelyn


At Sukit Fumari's White Gummi Bear is possibly the most popular flavor.  Fumari somehow captured the flavor of a white gummy bear, threw it into some shisha, and made and awesome flavor.  So, when  I heard we were going to have some Fumari Red Gummi Bear coming in to try, yeah, I was excited.

Like most Fumari the shisha is cut decently fine and is rather juicy. Smelling the Red Gummi Bear brings to mind, of course a red gummy bear, or just a cherry/punch candy in general (Cherry Twisler Pull N Peels come to mind).

Now for smoking it.  Like most Fumari it kicks out some serious clouds and will last you quite awhile.  The flavor, like I expected, is just how it smelled a cherry candy flavor (you know maybe like a red gummy bear).  It almost tastes juicy if juicy can be a taste I'm not quite sure how to describe it; maybe cherry with a dash of tropical punch?  I dig it because some cherry inspired flavors can come off tasting like cough medicine and this does not. 

Over all this is a really tasty and awesome smoking flavor.  I would defiantly recommend it and pick some up for myself.  My only complaint would be that the flavor could be stronger.  It tastes great but the flavor doesn't slap you in the face or anything.  It is a little mellow and just pleasantly keeps you company. 

And that's all I have to say about that. --Chops

Coco Nara 'Blackberry' Flavor Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review

Our Comments
Bravo for Blackberry!

Smoking Blackberry is really a nice change of pace when it comes to fruity flavored shisha. Its soft draw and light bittersweet flavor is different than other fruit flavors, which are normally bolder and sometimes more artificial tasting.The aroma of sweet blackberries filled my nose as I filled the head. The texture of Coco Nara's Blackberry is finely cut and wet, like most of Coco Nara's other shisha.

I've smoked Blackberry before, by both Starbuzz and Fumari, and I favored Fumari's over Starbuzz. Fumari is notorious for its enormous smoke clouds and lasting flavor; however, I think Coco Nara has won my approval in all categories. The smoke clouds were surprisingly large, the flavor better with every hit. The longevity especially won me over since I ended up smoking it for over an hour and a half, but the factor that really triumphs over Fumari is the buzz --- WOW! I smoke often and am surprised when a buzz gets the best of me, but really, the buzz puts any added nicotine shisha to complete shame.

Up until recently, I had only invested my money into Coco Nara's natural coals. After doing a few shisha reviews on Coco Nara, I am happy that Coco Nara is also so successfully in making delicious shisha.

Make a mental note to leave room in your shisha storage for Coco Nara's Blackberry. It deserves a place among your other favorite flavors. --Katelyn

Coco Nara 'Kiwi' Flavor Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review

Our Comments
Starting this review for Coco-Nara's Kiwi I was fairly excited.  I made a head of Kiwi for one of my customers at the shop and thought that it smelled very interesting. Sadly I didn't make it around to trying it.  So now I get to! Yay!

Starting off like I said it smells very tasty, almost mouth watering.  Smoking it, Coco-Nara's Kiwi tastes just as good as it smells. I've never actually eaten a kiwi, but if this how they taste I should try one.  The flavor is a good balance of fruity sweetness, a touch of citrusy tartness, and just a smidgen of bitter similar to a grapefruit. For my pallet these attributes are just perfectly put together. It is not too sweet, tart, or bitter. What it is, is yummmmmmmmm.

This is my first full on smoking session of Coco-Nara Shisha.  I've had a few hits here and there of other flavors and was decently impressed.  I'm defiantly sold now, and excited to see if they can keep it up with other flavors I try.  In my opinion if they keep this up Coco-Nara will solidly compete with Starbuzz and Fumari in my purchasing decisions. 

Good flavor, good clouds, good longevity, and good goodyness.  
The End. --Chops

Social Smoke "Mint" Flavor Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review

Our Comments
Bright, sharp, lingering, electric, delicious mint! 

As an acclaimed mint shisha fanatic, I'm always looking for different textures and flavors of mint to enjoy. My current favorites include Starbuzz's Simply Mint and Starbuzz's Winterfresh, and now, Social Smoke's Mint. The tobacco is a finer cut, with little juice to moisten the tobacco. The aroma is a strong winterfresh and spearmint mix, bold and bright. The flavor is simply fantastic, like smoking a sweet candy cane!

The smoke clouds were less than par, mainly because the mint flavor burns slightly in the back of your throat -- I've had better success with minty clouds with Starbuzz. The buzz was also nothing special, again due to my other experiences. 

With some great coal management skills, the head lasted well over an hour -- actually, over TWO hours! Sure, it had a faint burning taste, but the mint taste was still much stronger and kept me smoking happily.

Besides a little personal bias, Social Smoke did a great job with Mint. The clouds, the bold flavor and the longevity are definitely something I would suggest any mint-lover to try. --Katelyn