How To Apply for a Job at Sukit Hookah

So you want to work at Sukit, huh?  

Well you've come to the right place.  Fill out the form below and we'll put you on our list of applicants.  We get a lot of requests and, as such, it's difficult for us to respond individually to each and every applicant - but don't take that personally because we ARE reading it.

If you want to get noticed you should probably read everything under the "Philanthropy" and "About Us" categories of this blog and get a feel for how we run our business.  You may also find some useful info under the "Featured Posts" category as well.  If you get what we're about you should have no problem filling this application with buzz words, associations, past accomplishments, etc. that we we look for in potential candidates.

This is probably the best job a college student or younger adult could ever hope for.  Flexible hours, good pay, social and fun atmosphere, regular live entertainment, employee perks, and so much more - that's why we are so selective in our hiring process.

Hope you have what it takes and we'll be reading your application soon!