Shisha Reviews - How We Do It

New Hookah Rating System
Note:  BIG CHANGES ARE ON THEIR WAY.  Click here to preview our new tobacco rating system.  We'll now be able to dynamically update reviews with your input!  Cool stuff.

Whenever we're searching out new flavors to try at our lounge we look first to reviews from other hookah smokers.  What we've found over time is that few reviewers follow a standard format and even fewer have the same taste in hookah - which makes the hole "review" process very subjective.  So Sukit Hookah has put together a standardized review process and format that attempts to take out some of the subjectivity and bias that most blogs and forums have.  

We quantify each flavor we smoke with a rating of 1 to 5 across 6 distinct properties: aroma, flavor, cloud, texture, longevity, and buzz.  We then detail (as we have below) what each of these categories refers to and then give a long list of synonyms so reviewers have the greatest possible and shared understanding of the topic.  Once we're confident that reviewers know what we're asking we have them smoke the subject shisha in a controlled format (i.e. everyone smokes it the same way).  

Hopefully you find these reviews helpful.  We don't claim to be wordsmiths - just hookah smokers.


Describes the smell of the shisha straight out of the container.  It's all about your sense of smell independent of all your other senses.  Synonyms for this category include: fragrance, bouquet, incense, odor, perfume, redolence, scent, balm.


Describes what you taste as you smoke your hookah. Since taste is heavily baised on smell we often find these two similar but rarely the exact same.  A lot happens during the vaporization of the glycerol/honey in the shisha and addition of chemicals and combustion byproducts from coals, water vapor from you base, cooling time, and distance traveled by the smoke all play a role.  Location of taste receptors in your mouth has a lot to do with what and when you taste during your smoke.  Synonyms include: bitterness, essence, extract, gusto, piquancy, relish, savor, vim, zest.


Refers to the volume, thickness, and persistence of the exhaled smoke.  We're really just concerned with the visual aspect of smoking the subject shisha.  Synonyms include: mist, fog, vapor, plume.


refers to the feel of the smoke in our mouth, nose, throat, and lungs.  How it stimulates salivary glands, taste receptors and others into a "feel" of the smoke.  Synonyms include: character, arrangement, balance, being, composition, consistency, constitution, essence, form, nature, structure.


Refers to how long the shisha holds up to prolonged exposure to a heat source and remains identifiable as the original flavor.  Basically, how long can I smoke this before it loses it's personality?


Refers to how the smoke and it's carbon monoxide, nicotine, and other constituent products affect ....

The rating system uses the same 5 point scoring system but it is displayed as a 'strength factor' in the overall score and does not impact the numerical rating assigned.  The ranges of strength are displayed with either a "-" negative sign for weak or light buzz shisha, null or nothing for average strength shisha, and a "+" sign for stronger than average shisha.  Examples:

3.86-    A highly rated flavor in all categories but has little or no buzz
2.55     A shisha with average rankings across the board including buzz
4.85+   A shisha with above average ratings in all categories including buzz

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