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Sukit Hookah has THE largest selection of flavors of any hookah lounge in the area.  In fact, we're fairly certain we have one of the largest selections ANYWHERE!  With over 60 standard choices on our menu and the freedom to mix and match any of those the options are nearly limitless - actually, if you assume a maximum of 3 flavors for any mix, the result is 132,600 possible combinations (and we haven't even released our latest page to the menu - non-tobacco flavors).  Oh yeah, just to throw onto the pile even more, we sample a different brand/flavor every single day so there's always something new - even for you seasoned veterans!

The following pages are the entirety of our menu including the first two (if you've been to one of our lounges you know these very well) which cover our rules, policies, philosophy, and general pointers.  To print these simply click on the menu page itself and a window will open with each page individually - then go ahead and print them!  Or, if you're just looking for a single stop-shop for our selection you can browse it in this post.

Hope you find what you're looking for - and don't forget to fill out our customer satisfaction survey for 50% off your next visit!

Click here to see the .pdf version of this page.

Click here to see the .pdf version of this page.