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You may have had the drink version of Sex On The Beach, but once you try the shisha version, there's no doubt that you'll love this cocktail. Peach, orange, cranberry, all come together in a perfect blend for this shisha. This is a big and bold fruit flavor that has been a staple here at Sukit. If you haven't had it yet, do yourself a big favor and try it!

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Hookah Used:  Sahara Leaf 24" Hookah
Bowl Used: Sahara Vortex
Coal(s) Used: Coco Mazaya [Natural]
Ice Present: Yes
Diffuser Present: Yes

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Other Reviews

  • "Bottom line, the ingredients chosen to make Starbuzz Sex on the Beach hookah tobacco were chosen wisely. It’s no wonder why this stuff is so popular!"
  • "I purchased a 250g tin of this wonderful shisha, it smells and tastes great. The smell is very tropical, mainly coconut and pineapple, but I detect other flavors too. Taste wise, it's just amazing. The pineapple and coconut blend seamlessly into a wonderful tropical experience. As for the clouds, Starbuzz never disappoints. I love this flavor and will be buying more!" Customer Review
  • "Really nice sweet flavor. Great crowd pleaser."

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