How To Illuminate the Fumo® Orb Hookah [ALMOST COMPLETE POST]


Click to fin on Shop Sukit**Note, these are the same steps used to illuminate the F4 Hookah

The Orb is a small, elegant, fun hookah that is a great tabletop shisha. It’s no frills design and 7mm heavy wall Schott glass make for an excellent quality addition to the Fumo family.

The Orb hookah can accommodate up to 2 hoses and will accept all standard Fumo accessories.

This post is a quick tutorial on how to illuminate your Orb hookah using common home improvement store parts and some easy to find RGB LED lights.  While I use LED's purchased in bulk from places like or these can be easily substituted with the automotive lights found at Walmart or automotive stores like Autozone.

Also, I like to reuse stuff so if you've read/watched any of my other instructions you'll recognize a number of these parts.  Sometimes there may be a better alternative or solution but I just grab whatever I have laying around and make it work.  --JP



Ok, we all know that guy or girl who thinks they can not only do anything we can but can also do it better and, when they mess it up, blame us for whatever went wrong.  This disclaimer is for them, you, and anyone else reading.... We make no warranties about the safety (watch the video, I suffered a life-threatening injury in the making of this), cost, potential damage to your hookah, or potential harm to you.  We do not encourage anyone to modify or otherwise tamper with with the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) designs, materials, or uses.  


12v 1800mAh Battery

As an alternative to the power supply you can actually purchase this battery on for only $10 with free shipping and it comes with the power supply.  You get the portability & longevity of a high-capacity battery and a tethered power supply for when you're at home!
Type: Li-polymer
Size: Pouch
Nominal Capacity: 1800mAh
Model Number: 12V Battery 1800mAh 02


Sorry, no video for this one yet - this was another one of my 'at the bar' experiments.


This tutorial uses a stainless steel clamp for the light bracket but that's really only because I have lots of them laying around.  If you want, check out the Fumo F4 light kit tutorial to see a really cool (and easier to work with) alternative.
First, get your stainless steel clamp (4" clamp depicted here) and place it around your Orb.  You want to loosen the tightening screw by turning it counter clockwise until the base of the Orb has about 1/2 inch clearance on all sides.

It's important not to make it too tight or you won't be able to get it on later when the LEDs are attached.
Once we have the right diameter we have to cut out a pass-through for the LED wiring.  I cut out three metal spans (4 spaces worth) which seemed to fit my unit just fine.  You want to make sure you give yourself about an inch clearance from the spanner so you don't have issues with space later.
Use your screw driver to bend each metal separator individually.  
Once you get it apart from the others you should be able to take your tin snips or heavy duty wire cutters and remove them.  
When you're done you should have an opening large enough to pass your led connector through.
Line the interior of the clamp with your LEDs and cut the length appropriately.  Remember to only cut at the connection points which are the 4 copper leads.  You must also leave enough room for your LED connector and encasement which needs to be connected on the interior of our light setup up.  If you try to connect it on the outside the resulting flex on the LEDs themselves will cause them to malfunction.

Prepare you LED connector for the LED strip we are about to cut.  This part can wait until after the next - it doesn't really matter.

For some reason I took pictures of the wrong end of the connector open.  Please note that it's the distal end of the connector that should be open, not the proximal.
Carefully cut away and remove the silicone encasement to your LED strip.  You should remove approximates 1/4 inch in order to give your LED connector enough room.  If you remove too little and the silicone winds up inside the connection box, the connector will simply fall off later. Be careful not to cut through the LED strip itself.
Insert the exposed portion of the LED strip into the connector box and ensure that all 4 pins are touching the led leads.  I usually do this by pushing on them with my box cutter or flat head screw driver.
Notice that the silicone encasement is just outside the connection box.
Find our LED controller.
Connect your LED controller to the end of your LED connector so we can test the lights before proceeding.  You will also need to connect the power supply and then turn them on.  
If nothing happens at first you can try unplugging your LED controller, flip it over, and connect it oppositely.  If that doesn't work then you may want to shoot us a message and we'll try to help you figure out the problem.
Depending on the application I may sometimes seal the LED connector with silicone sealant.  In this case I wrapped it tightly in electrical tape and then used heat-shrink tubing to seal it.  The choice is yours on how to proceed.
Shrunk and sealed for use.
Now we feed our LED string and connector through our access hole we cut and ensure we have a good fit.
Once we know the LED string and connector fit we can peel back our 3M adhesive tape and attach the LEDs to our clamp.  Be sure to start at the LED connector end so you don't run into space issues when you're finished.
Set your Fumo Orb hookah inside the open space of your new light kit.
Plug your light controller back in and hit one of the buttons.  
Bingo bango, your Fumo Orb Hookah now lights up!