How to Light Up (Illuminate) Most Hookahs

We've had a lot of positive responses to our Fumo lighting kits and a number of people have expressed interest in illuminating their Sahara Smoke, Khalil Mamoon, Mya, and other hookahs. So this tutorial is for them and you. Below you'll find easy to follow instruction on illuminating roughly 80% of the hookahs in the marketplace. Alternatively, you may also want to look into purchasing a light plate - though these are about double the cost.

**also, to save time and a little energy I reused some of the photos from our Fumo F4 lighting kit in the written portion of this tutorial - the F4 kit is very similar to this. The video shows the actuall making of this kit.

In each of our videos I use different lights, bearings, batteries, grommets, etc. so you can see how they are all done. Feel free to watch all of our videos and mix and match the parts you like most. Keep checking back 'cause we have a whole series of tutorials planned that each take these projects a step further leading to the ultimate DIY project - a hookah jet pack (just kidding - about the jet pack).
Ok, we all know that guy or girl who thinks they can not only do anything we can but can also do it better and, when they mess it up, blame us for whatever went wrong. This disclaimer is for them, you, and anyone else reading.... We make no warranties about the safety, cost, potential damage to your hookah, or potential harm to you. We do not encourage anyone to modify or otherwise tamper with with the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) designs, materials, or uses.
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Parts & Equipment

In the parts list above we have listed both a 3-button dimmer controller and a dial dimmer controller; you only need one, not both. I have listed both in case one fits your needs betther than the other. I have also done this with the power supply; you do not need the supply and the batter, just one or the other. The battery comes with it's own power supply so it is typically the option we like to go with.
Step 1
Unscrew the tightener and open up your 6"-8" clamp. Bend each side approximately 1/2" inch from the end in an outward manner.
image 367
image 367
Step 2
Cut off each end of the clamp with your tin snips or wire cutters making sure to leave a slight outward bend on the ends (this will help protect your glass when placing and removing your lights).
More coming soon. For now, watch the video above.
Step 3
Measure out an appropriate length of LED being sure that a cut point is at the end of your distance.
Alternatively, you may use a pre-wired length such as the 30cm RGB LEDs in our Pod tutorial. These are also nice if you are painting your ring black as these LEDs are also in a black casing (click here to find on amazon).
image 367
image 367
Step 4
Cut and wire you LEDs with your LED connector. Attach the LED controller and battery and test. See our tutorial on "How to Wire LEDs" for more details.
Step 5
Attach you LEDs to your ring using the 3M adhesive tape on the back. We sometimes (such as in the video above) add an industrial strenght adhesive when we feel the included product won't fit the bill. Depending on how you intend to use this kit it may be necessary for you.
image 367
Attach clamps and allow adhesives to cure.
Step 6
Secure your LEDs with small clamps and allow any adhesives to set properly.
Step 7
Reattach your controller and power supply and YOU ARE DONE! Check out the photos below of this kit in use.
image 367
image 125
Fumo Orb
image 125
Fumo F4
Illuminated Fumo Jar Hookah
Fumo Jar
Illuminated Fumo Tank Hookah
Fumo Tank
Illuminated Sahara Smoke Candy Stripe Hookah
Sahara Candy Stripe
Illuminated Sahara Smoke Feather Hookah
Sahara Feather
Illuminated Sahara Smoke Jezebel Lotus Hookah
Sahara Lotus
Illuminated Khalil Mamoon (KM) Versace Hookah
KM Versace
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