Coco Nara 'Blackberry' Flavor Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review

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Bravo for Blackberry!

Smoking Blackberry is really a nice change of pace when it comes to fruity flavored shisha. Its soft draw and light bittersweet flavor is different than other fruit flavors, which are normally bolder and sometimes more artificial tasting.The aroma of sweet blackberries filled my nose as I filled the head. The texture of Coco Nara's Blackberry is finely cut and wet, like most of Coco Nara's other shisha.

I've smoked Blackberry before, by both Starbuzz and Fumari, and I favored Fumari's over Starbuzz. Fumari is notorious for its enormous smoke clouds and lasting flavor; however, I think Coco Nara has won my approval in all categories. The smoke clouds were surprisingly large, the flavor better with every hit. The longevity especially won me over since I ended up smoking it for over an hour and a half, but the factor that really triumphs over Fumari is the buzz --- WOW! I smoke often and am surprised when a buzz gets the best of me, but really, the buzz puts any added nicotine shisha to complete shame.

Up until recently, I had only invested my money into Coco Nara's natural coals. After doing a few shisha reviews on Coco Nara, I am happy that Coco Nara is also so successfully in making delicious shisha.

Make a mental note to leave room in your shisha storage for Coco Nara's Blackberry. It deserves a place among your other favorite flavors. --Katelyn

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Coconara Hookah Shisha is a new addition to Coconara family of products. As always premium quality is promised. 50+ redefined flavors available.
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Sahara Smoke Dome Predator Hookah
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Sahara Dome Predator
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Sahara Vortex
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Coco Mazaya [Natural].
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