Coco Nara 'Kiwi' Flavor Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review

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Starting this review for Coco-Nara's Kiwi I was fairly excited.  I made a head of Kiwi for one of my customers at the shop and thought that it smelled very interesting. Sadly I didn't make it around to trying it.  So now I get to! Yay!

Starting off like I said it smells very tasty, almost mouth watering.  Smoking it, Coco-Nara's Kiwi tastes just as good as it smells. I've never actually eaten a kiwi, but if this how they taste I should try one.  The flavor is a good balance of fruity sweetness, a touch of citrusy tartness, and just a smidgen of bitter similar to a grapefruit. For my pallet these attributes are just perfectly put together. It is not too sweet, tart, or bitter. What it is, is yummmmmmmmm.

This is my first full on smoking session of Coco-Nara Shisha.  I've had a few hits here and there of other flavors and was decently impressed.  I'm defiantly sold now, and excited to see if they can keep it up with other flavors I try.  In my opinion if they keep this up Coco-Nara will solidly compete with Starbuzz and Fumari in my purchasing decisions. 

Good flavor, good clouds, good longevity, and good goodyness.  
The End. --Chops

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Coconara Hookah Shisha is a new addition to Coconara family of products. As always premium quality is promised. 50+ redefined flavors available.
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Sahara Smoke Kah Ace Hookah
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Sahara Kah Ace Hookah
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Sahara Vortex
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Coco Mazaya [Natural].
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