Social Smoke "Mint" Flavor Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review

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Bright, sharp, lingering, electric, delicious mint! 

As an acclaimed mint shisha fanatic, I'm always looking for different textures and flavors of mint to enjoy. My current favorites include Starbuzz's Simply Mint and Starbuzz's Winterfresh, and now, Social Smoke's Mint. The tobacco is a finer cut, with little juice to moisten the tobacco. The aroma is a strong winterfresh and spearmint mix, bold and bright. The flavor is simply fantastic, like smoking a sweet candy cane!

The smoke clouds were less than par, mainly because the mint flavor burns slightly in the back of your throat -- I've had better success with minty clouds with Starbuzz. The buzz was also nothing special, again due to my other experiences. 

With some great coal management skills, the head lasted well over an hour -- actually, over TWO hours! Sure, it had a faint burning taste, but the mint taste was still much stronger and kept me smoking happily.

Besides a little personal bias, Social Smoke did a great job with Mint. The clouds, the bold flavor and the longevity are definitely something I would suggest any mint-lover to try. --Katelyn

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Absolute Zero’s feisty and fresh younger sibling. An intense blend of Natural Peppermint!
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Sahara Smoke Aqua Hookah
Pipe Used
Sahara Aqua 22" Hookah
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Bowl Used
Sahara Vortex
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Coco Mazaya [Natural].
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